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How do I purchase replacement parts?
Replacement parts for your generator can be purchased on the at www.energizergenerators.com/part-store.
How do I extend my warranty?
Your warranty can be extended at www.energizergenerators.com/extended-warranty or by calling us at 1.877.528.3772.
Which generator is right for me?
Use the Energizer Generator Finder tool to help you find which generator fits your application. www.energizergeneators.com/eng/calculate-your-power-needs
How do I register my warranty?
You can register your Energizer product online or by mail. To register online, please visit our website at : www.energizergenerators.com/eng/register-warranty To register by mail, please fill out the registration card found in your product packaging. If you no longer have the registration card a printable version is available online. Mail the completed registration card along with a copy of your receipt, and the original UPC barcode from your product packaging. The store, date of purchase and product purchase should be clearly visible on the receipt copy. Please mail all items to: Midland Power Inc. Product Registration 376 Magnetic Dr. Toronto, Ontario M3J 2C4, Canada If you wish, you can confirm your registration by calling customer service at 1-877-528-3772 or by email at support@midlandpowerinc.com. Please allow one week for mail delivery and processing.
How do I contact customer service?
You may contact our Customer Support Center by phone at 1-877-528-3772 or by email at support@energizergenerators.com.
What type of oil should I use?

SAE 10W-30 or Synthetic 5W-30 is the recommended oil for general use.

What type of fuel should I use?

We recommend using fuel with less than 10% ethanol; use of gasoline with an ethanol content greater than 10% can damage the engine and the fuel system and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Only use unleaded gasoline with a pump rating of 85 Octane or higher.

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